Google Maps Ext. 'when map A's marker is clicked' is not working


I have a map element on one of my pages. I have a WF for ‘When Map A’s marker is clicked’ to show a group focus element. When I try to perform this WF, nothing fires. I’ve tried with different elements as the use case however, still nothing fires. I also deleted the map and recreated the element and the WF, as I know sometimes the elements glitch and stop executing WFs. It still isn’t working. Is anyone else having this issue?

I made a mistake in the previous post, because I didn’t pay attention to my data, sorry.

“Number of marker” should be a list

The marker I’m showing is a single user (current page user) marker. The marker shows up fine. This issue is that the WF action isn’t performing (showing group focus ‘when map A’s marker is clicked’).

If you think it’s a bug, create a report. But some features need to be selected as “list” for it to work. Example: Set Current Marker

You can still add some restrictions, reduce the number of markers and continue your work. In the following example, I used the Search Box for filtering. You can get what you want with this or a similar method.

Let’s mention @neerja , she can explain why this behavior arises.


good luck

@eren I’m sorry I never got back around to say this, but thank you. What you recommended worked. I really appreciate it :pray:

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