Is there workflow for "when a map marker caption is clicked?"

Hello! I have a map that displays restaurants with a radius of 500 around the center of the map, which is exactly how I want it. However, when there are lots of places, like a “downtown” area, there are a ton of markers in one place. I currently have a workflow for “when map marker is clicked” to open a popup with data from that marker’s Google Place info. When there is the big cluster of restaurants, it’s annoying to pick and guess which one is the one you are looking for and have to navigate back to the map each time.

I would like the user to be able to click the map marker and pull up the caption to confirm that is the restaurant they are looking for, before they are taken away from the map. Is there a way to write a workflow for “when a map maker caption is clicked?”

Hi @hhmiles3 :slight_smile: There is! (This option will show up once a map element is on the page where you are adding this workflow)

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Hi Faye, thanks for the reply!

I have that set up just fine, I was wondering if it was possible to have a workflow for clicking on the map marker’s caption and not the map marker itself. Like below, it would be great to click on “Paradise Pizza of Carlsbad” and not the marker. That way, my users can confirm what they are clicking on before loading a new page.

The reason I’m looking for this, as you can see in the bottom right corner, is some areas get stacked with captions. That’s why “always on” isn’t an option for the markers.

Ah, my apologies! I definitely didn’t register the word ‘caption’ when reading your original post!

I don’t think this is current possible clicking on the caption itself unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:. You’ve probably thought of this but one temporary workaround would be to place a group to the right or left of the map. Then display the restaurant’s information in that Group, after a map marker is clicked. This would allow the User to click on elements pertaining to the map marker’s Restaurant, just outside the map?

I wish I could be more helpful, and definitely agree it would be useful to have the option to make workflows run after a caption is clicked as well!

That’s a great work around! I hadn’t thought of it, but I will give it a try now. Thanks!!

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Awesome! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

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Hi @hhmiles3,

I am working on something similar. i would like to display details of a specific location once a user clicks on the marker. How did you get to display the location details using the workflow? I am still new to Bubble, so any guidance would be great!


If you trigger a workflow using “…marker is clicked” then the thing attached to the marker is available as “This Map’s Current Marker” in your workflow.

So I have a map with a list of locations as the marker source. When someone clicks a marker I pull the name of the location that was clicked (it is not unique) and search for all locations called that and display them in a repeating group.

Thanks @NigelG. I think I see my issue, but don’t know how to resolve it. I noticed you have a type for ‘Location’ available. I don’t see that option. Is it because I have not defined my locations on the map?

Based on a few other forums, it seems as though I need to create a Repeating Group on a map? Do you have documentation on this @NigelG ? Thanks again in advance!

Yes. Location comes from the type of markers, which is the dynamic options. It is one of my data types.

Thanks @NigelG that seemed to work and gave me each of the marker’s name! Ideally, I would like to create a dynamic element group for each marker that contains Name, Address and some other dynamic criteria. Is this where I need to implement the Group? Right now it is working without the group.

Again, many thanks in advance!

Hi @NigelG I was able to create the group and have it display the location details once the market is clicked, but is there a way to hide it and only display when the market is clicked? I would also like the group box to display just above the marker. Is there a setting I can change to have it appear right above the marker when the marker is clicked? This is what I currently have.

Hello @NigelG could you help me, please?
I have a map with several markers, each marker represents one of my properties
I want to send people to the specific property page when they click the marker. When they click the map marker I will like them to go to that specific property page. can you help me, please? I don’t know what “data to send” to make it happen

Highly appreciate it!