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Map element shows up blank

Hey guys!

I’m new to bubble and “maps” seems to have a mind of it’s own. I had everything working and the maps showed up perfectly, but now it’s gone. It’s just blank. I haven’t changed anything on the google side, and the keys are still active, so I don’t get it. Is there a “hide map” button that I’m not seeing? Any help is SERIOUSLY appreciated.

Is it not visible in the preview mode?

Unfortunately no. I had things working and it showed the greyed out “development mode” map, but now it’s not showing anything. I was wondering if I had clicked something, but all of my conditions have it both showing and brought to front. It’s also doesn’t change based on what computer I use.

I read that it might be a plugin, but I went back and checked. The only plugin I have running so far is material icons.

I also feel it’s important to note that there are no errors showing in the bubble editor.

You can just delete this map element and create the same one. Sometimes there might a bug on a page.

You could also experiment by placing the map on the other page. Also check the debugger - often it may give some insights on what is going on.

If you find nothing, every set up is correct - report a bug in the editor.

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Thank you for your help! Yeah this has been really weird. I have maps on multiple pages, none of them are showing and the debugger is saying that the elements are visible. I’ll reach out and report a bug.