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Google Maps not working

Just set up a new domain and went through the necessary hoops in the documentation, but google maps isn’t working.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 17.35.13

I’m clearly missing something. Is it the billing? Is it that Auth form at the beginning that needed to be filled out?

Anyone got experience?

I don’t know if this is related…
[I’ve been having issues with my google domain and bubble as well. Weirdly, I need the www at the beginning of my domain every time I try to access it. As in is fine, and somehow goes nowhere.]

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Have you set your keys? If you’re on a domain you need to use your own keys for the map to load.

Ah shit. Let me try that.

Ah I misunderstood your comment. These are new keys I generated from the google maps platform, still getting errors though. I must be missing something obvious because I’ve re-checked it 3 times and still coming up with errors.

Would having a legacy account have something to do with it? When I changed domain names I noticed I couldn’t purchase from google directly anymore

Aha. I found what was wrong.

The manual:

Instructions for where server and client keys should be pasted into should be the other way around.

I swapped them around and they worked.

This is what it looks like now and it’s working:


It helped me a lot, thank you))

Hey guys I would love some help with the same thing–except I tried my API keys both ways and I’m having an issue still. On my Google dashboard I’m seeing pings to the API, so that tells me I’m calling it correctly…unfortunately I’m getting a 99% error rate…

Any idea what’s going on?

Never mind! I had to set up my billing info on Google’s side. Everything is working now.

You will have to activate google cloud’s free trial in order for it to work

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