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Google OAuth Redirects

This is more of a Google question than a Bubble question I think but has anyone figured out how to get the OAuth working if you have parameters in the URL?

I want to push UTM parameters and other data in there for tracking before a user creates an account or logs in. The issue is that Google says that it can’t redirect to those URLs.

You shouldn’t have parameters that can change in the URL, Google is very strict about that.

Appreciate your quick reply here. Do you have any suggestion for a way around it? I know in a code-based app you would use

The reason that I’m trying to do this is for 1) UTM, and then 2) since our marketing site is on Squarespace–I want to push form data to bubble and combine the signup flows.

I don’t know any, but as you say it’s not a Bubble question, so you can look around for ways. I doubt there is one.