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Google Off-Line Access and Refresh Token

I am building an app that I want users to be able to login in with their email and password, but they need to connect their google account to pull data.
I was under the impression that when I click the Google Access_type=offline that Bubble would handle the refresh token for me. But that is not happening? Can anybody help me with this, a screen shot of my API call is below. Where is the refresh token being stored? Do I need to set up a call specifically to refresh the access token? I am hoping once my app is built I can turn my API calls into a Plugin to help users pull Google My Business data.
@levon, @emmanuel any help?


I don’t know much about using the built-in Oauth2 user-agent flow, but if you get stuck or are interested in manually managing things, this might help you:

try doing it like this

here is the full login dialog redirect line as it’s not seen in the screenshot

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Is this solution still supposed to work?

I get this error:

Error: invalid_request

OAuth 2 parameters can only have a single value: access_type