Storing Google user info to not re-authenticate?

Hello Everyone -

I have a use case for a Calendly like site that I’m building and I’m wondering if anyone else has done and solved this.

  1. I have a google account with a public calendar.
  2. I’m currently able to use API connector to authenticate to google API and post to this calendar.

My problem is that - I have to constantly oath2 authenticate/login with this google account and it is preventing me from just allowing anyone to put an event on the calendar.

My question is: Is there a way to store google account info server(Bubble) side so it always authenticates to that specific google account and I don’t have to always authenticate?

Has anyone tried this? IN the future I’d like to store other peoples calendar info so that other calendars are accessible for reserving time. Just like how Calendly does it.

Thanks for any insight.

Yes, it’s possible. You have to implement the process of access token and refresh token.

This post can help you on the process:

THank you for your reply ualdir. I had seen that use case thread before.

Problem is - its deprecated two years and you no longer get a refresh token when initializing a call to the API that way. Another user asked where the refresh token was as well - but got no response.

So I’m wondering if anyone has solved that.

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I cant get this to work either. It seems to be another Bubble API bug.

Hey Lindqui,

I actually figured out the issue. I had to delete my authentication from googles side and start everything from the start again.

Once I did that - the google use case API tutorial worked for me.

Hi Martin,
I created a new google project and rebuilt the API keys and it seems to work, as well.