Pagespeed insights - ways to optimize page load performance

I used Google PageSpeed Insights to find out my website’s page load performance. The score provided for desktop viewing was rather low and it’s even lower for mobile. The link is provided below:

The link has listed few suggestions on how to optimize the performance but I am curious to find out how much of this do we have control over as it has to do with more on the technical aspects such as : minifying javascript/ leveraging browser caching/ enabling compression etc:

Any suggestions/ workarounds ?


I’d love to get answers concerning this too. It seems strange that the scores are so low. I wonder if it’s one of those things we have to sacrifice for using bubble.

Would love for it to be worked on though. I think Google used those scores to rank websites.

@emmanuel @josh

Any inputs? I know there has been efforts on your side to optimize performance

Did you ever get any feed back from Bubble on this topic?


Your images may be too big. Try using picmonkey to lower the megapixels. Good luck.