Google PageSpeed Test suggests Bubble has "Render-blocking resources"

What’s this and how do I fix it? I’ve been trying to optimize this like hell but can’t get my score over 40 despite super compressed images, not running anything until the page is loaded, etc.

Tips guys?

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@alejandrowunderlich I’ve got the same issues. Have you discovered anything since this post?

Nothing yet. However, some people here in the forum suggested that the Google Page Speed test wasn’t the best or most up-to-date test there is. So I ran the test with another service and my results were considerably better, albeit not amazing.

Try you site with this tool:

Thanks @alejandrowunderlich , I’ve used a few tools since then, and regardless of what they all say, real-world mobile loading times are pretty bad.

This one for example suggests that 10 of the 16 seconds that my site takes to load on mobile is waiting time:

I’ve been chipping away at image compression, number of elements, searches etc. and asked some plugin authors to move the js libraries to loading at the element level to avoid loading on pages where they are not used. Not sure how much that last part will help.

Have you managed to make improvements?

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