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Google Places - photo reference only shows up for *some* places?

I just want confirmation that I’m not going crazy.

In the Google Places API I take the places_id and then insert that into a new call, the places details API.

I want the photoReference.

Well, turns out that I’ve been able to accomplish this with searching for select businesses - typically the bigger the better. However, when I do my flow to get the places_id for any typical business or home address, and then search that places_id for a photoReference, I do not get one.

Step one:
Use address to find ID:

Step two a:
Use ID to find photo reference, using Google’s places_id:

(Sweet, see how it has the photo options?)

Steb two b:
Use ID to find photo reference, any other address places_id:

(Not sweet, see how it DOESN’T have the photo options?)

@NigelG, perhaps? I’ve seen threads in the past where you had experience. This might be a silly question that I know the answer to, but I want to make sure I’m not doing something incorrectly.

Hi. I am a little confused as to why you can’t use the photo id(s) from Step 1?

Details should give the the list. The searches only return a single photo.

Note it isn’t an image.

Also note … There are not all that many of them in reality. It isn’t street view so relies on user uploads.

Hi, may I know how can I access this menu?