How to display 3 PHOTOS of a Google Place

Dear Bubble community

I’m writing to you I need a Bubble expert knowing Google Place API. I’m not a developer but :slight_smile:

  • I know how to use Google Places Bubble Plugin and get access to the Place Name, Id and Place address etc…
  • But I would like to Display 2 or 3 pictures of a Google Place…

There are 2 Google Places API on Bubble. Which one shall I use? How to display PICTURES… I have not found it… I have been through a couple of forum messages but I don’t understand what is suggested in these posts…

Would it be possible for you to share with me a Bubble example about how to display 2 or 3 Pictures of a Google Place … Would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance for your support

See my Pm. Will refresh my memory and post here.

The Google Places API will return you list of PhotoReferences if you are doing a “Place Details” call.

Searches only return a single photo.

You can then use that PhotoReference in an Image …


Note : you will need to add a key= parameter (your Google API key) to avoid throttling by Bubble.

Note 2 : this then exposes your Google API key, so create a new one that just does photo displays and limit it by URL to your app.

Hi @NigelG ,

I’m new on Bubble and started building my project last week. It’s basically an app that will show hotels in order to be reviewed by a community of traveller.

I’m currently having the same issue with integrating the Google Places API with a Photo request. My RG is correctly showing the name of the place (ex: hotels in this case) and the location.


However, I’m struggling with adding a photo of the place even though I looked for a solution on the forum without finding nothing.

On my side as well, it just keeps returning an image with a red cross on it or no image at all with the following error:

“General Warning - The image could not be loaded: .”


Hope you could help me to learn a way to solve that! Thanks in advance!

Note: I also posted this message in the following topic with no answers (Maps API - PhotoID - #2 by paul41)


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Good morning Nigel,

First of all, thanks a lot for your check on such an old topic ahah!

I confirm it works for me as well with the Place ID you provided to me (even when using the “old” Places API).


My app would look a bit incomplete without hotels image though…
Do you know if there is any other way to scrap the web (ex: hotels website or for image ?

Thanks in advance,

For the record, I’m using API Connector plugin with Booking API Documentation (apidojo) | RapidAPI and it works well.

Unfortunately, I reach easily the freemium call allowance… I’ll have to upgrade my plan really soon to keep fetching photos.

Have a nice day all!