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Google places photo


Does anyone know how to pull google places photos?

Coincidentally I am working on exactly that at the moment.

Struggling a little at the moment with the PlaceId.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks, please let me know how you go.

Did you manage to get this working?

Yes… and No !

So, I can get the call to work fine. But Places returns a photo not JSON, and Bubble can’t handle it right now.

George emailed me last night about it. But it is at least a learning step, so will investigate !

Yes !!!

So what you do is point the Bubble image source at the Google Photo Image API.

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Thanks so much. Do you have a working app I can look at and see how you do it at the backend?


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@NigelG, thanks very much for this example. I tried and it seems I’m almost there. I got on a 403 problem. Did you get it also?

On it says it is related to the quota… but my app on Google is paid and I just started.

Funny thing… when I inspect on debug the picture appears there (does Bubble debugger get it in a different way @emmanuel?)

I’ve been searching and it could also be related to the restriction of IP address on API but I let mine with no restrictions. Did you have this problem Nigel?

For your app example I get a mix:

EDIT: if I copy and paste the entire code with key, the browser shows the picture. It only shows the Forbidden icon if I remove the key parameter. But on the repeating group the key parameter is present.

Yes, you are right. It is all a bit odd. Will have an investigate as well.

thanks. I’ll be also trying to fix and if I have any positive news I’ll write back here again.