Do any Google Places Plugins Work well?

I’ve been testing the Bubble Google Places plugin and it is pretty OK…problem with it is that when I want to search for an address only and show results with the places name, the places name will only be the street address, and not the places name. If however, I add the places name it will show up but I need two inputs for that or rely on the user to add the place name in a searchbox element before they type the address.

For example, searching an address of a McDonald’s I do not see the place name as McDonald’s, but if I type McDonald’s followed by address it comes up with place name of McDonald’s.

Testing the Google Places plugin by Airdev, if I give coordinates with a radius of two miles, I don’t even see the McDonald’s in the results, and I actually on see two results. Had other issues with it returning locations in SF when I was searching Dallas Texas with radius of 2.

I am looking to use a single input field that a user can add an address and the repeating group using places api will show all places with their names and address. Anybody with experiencing getting something simple like that to work?

Can do with the Google autocomplete api with the location restrictions of you know user will search the nearby locations only.

Sounds like the answer is to ditch the plugins and go and do API connector to setup API calls myself.

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Sadly yes.

@boston85719 Here’s the working calls, the autocomplete call is the one you want for your use case but places details allow you to get more in depth details and reviews, photo reference allows you to get all images.

Autocomplete returns the places ID you’ll need for those.

You can use nested RG and data calls to accomplish easily. Top level will be autocomplete and give info you’re looking for, but I’d you need more info on the place use places details and an inner group with content type set as get data from external URL, this cells place_id[input]&types=establishment&key=[key][photoreference]&key=[key][place_id]&fields=website,opening_hours,review&key=[key][input]&inputtype=textquery&fields=formatted_address,name,photos,place_id,rating,user_ratings_total&key=[key]

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Thanks @chris.williamson1996 this is great and has gotten me up and running quickly. I got all but one setup properly. Wondering if you’ve seen this issue before or if it is a potential Bug in Bubble.[photoreference]&key=[key]

I’m getting this error when I try to initalize

Thanks again for this.

Glad it expedited it for you! I’ll be dropping this as a plug-in today but wanted to get you up and rolling.

I’d guess you have photo references return type set to json it needs to be image. Refer to screenshot.

Thanks for that. Just tried to do it as image, as you were correct, I had it as JSON, but still no luck. Getting another error.

I’ve had issues in the past with the API Connector throwing errors when it shouldn’t. Maybe I’m sending in the wrong value of photoreference (ChIJZ4P3Nfx1lVQRrdtOe4sAl8U)