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Google Rank and SEO, Transferring a domain

Hello Bubblers,

I have a client who currently has a website running on the platform, Weebly. I am working together with them to upgrade their website and add some additional functionality. To do this I need to transfer their website to the Bubble platform.

My concern is that they will lose their ranking on Google if I transfer the domain to Bubble. Right now they come in at the top of a Google search.

How do I go about transferring their website to the Bubble platform without losing their Google Ranking?

Any tips, past experiences, or help would be appreciated, as I am new to the world of SEO.

Thank you!


Transfering a domain doesn’t inherently lose the page rank. Page rank is more or less based off links back to the website and how much people click on your website over others, how well it serves users, and other genreal principles outlines in Google guideline (link below).

If you transfer the domain and make a new website more or less the same as the Weebly one, everything will be more or less the same.

The ranking system is an ever-morphing black box, so there is no certaintly if they will keep their ranking no matter what happens. Follow Google guidlines as best as you can

Other then that, you can experiment with what increases or decreases your page rank.

Hope that helps!

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I agree with @ryan, but I would add one caveat – you need to keep the link structure the same or setup redirects to ensure users, and search engines, do not encounter broken links.

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Broken links might be a problem when you migrate to Bubble. Has anyone tried the “get data from url” with “type path”? With this function I think you can simulate the old url and make it work in bubble.

Lets say you have this url today:

This same url would probably work in Bubble if you send the “page.html” as a url parameter type path. But in bubble the folder1 is not a folder it is actually the page requesting the url parameter.

I have done some tests and it looks like it is working. Based on the parameter you can get dynamic page content from the database. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The question is of course how Google will react when doing this. Any SEO-experts in the house?