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Website migration - SEO loss

Hi SEO people -

I have client that is looking to migrate 200-4k websites and I’m talking him into using Bubble for the sites. They are essentially the same site, just need to point to different domain names. The sites are basically static content and lead capture that redirects to another central site that has a video and supports payment (i.e. universal checkout for all of the sites).

If this client was in the dairy farming business, the structure would look something like: (main site) (checkout page with payment) or (these are the numerous local sites that are currently SEO optimized for a search like “DairFarming New York”).

Will any of the domains, particularly the main site or the local page domains lose SEO value by making this switch (i.e. when someone searches for “Dairy Farming New York” after the switch, will the local domain still have the same ranking, all else equal)?

My understanding is that so long as you permanently redirect all of the old pages to the new pages, you’ll keep 100% of the links / link value for SEO purposes.

That said, I’d look at the on-page SEO ability of Bubble. This comes down to keywords, alt text, page speed, etc. Don’t know weather the on-page factors would be as high, especially the page load speed.

Note - I haven’t done anything yet with Bubble from an SEO standpoint, so I’m talking theory. I’m sure some people have more hands on experience with the SEO aspects of Bubble and can, perhaps, talk about them.

@uproute - If the URL structure remains identical after the migration, then there should be no change.

If the URL structure is going to change you need to set 301 directs as @sridharan.s suggests. In theory, Google should leave your rankings intact if you do this correctly, but from experience, there can sometimes be a little fluctuation right after the migration (but it should recover).

As @sridharan.s mentions, before to check that you copy across all the META stuff correctly and check that your pages don’t load slower than they did before once migrated to Bubble - these are factors that could impact your ranking.

Finally, I’d suggest doing this in batches. Migrate a handful of domains first and then wait 10 days, checking for any big changes in traffic, usability and ranking. If all goes well, increase the batch size and decrease the wait time between batches.
Good luck!

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