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Google Vision API Problem Parsing Post Response Headers

I can not find any documentation on how to use the responses from an API Post, where as in, Google’s Vision API you need to pass it the url to the image, which is straight forward. I have set the Capture Response Headers, and a header of Accept = application/json

And I have initialized the API call

And everything comes back fine.

However when I build a repeating list, and try and set the value of Type of Content to the API Call Get Google Vision API Labels’ . However, it would be nice if I could set it to the call name and then select the elements based on the elements I place in the repeating group. That said when I try to make the Data source the API call, it is not there (BECAUSE THIS IS A POST). But why would the response elements be visible, when I can’t use the API as a data source?

GVAPI RepeatingGroup2

Finally, I have found the only way I can set a data source, is to set a custom state to the repeating list and set it to a list

However, when I go to the workflow and tell the API to use the imageURL from the picture uploader and then set the value of the customer state to the results, it tells me that I cant because the state evaluates to a list - but the state is a list… so I am confused.

and then

When I simplify everything down to just setting the state to Google Cloud Visions - Logo Annotation Description, and run the debugger the element shows up as empty. However, when I run the API Connector to initialize for the same image, it has a value…

vs the initialization screen raw data

At this point, it seems faster to write everything in Node.js then fiddle with custom states and repeating groups which may or may not have the properly formatted elements all of which can make bubble abend and not produce a result, even though the data is there.

However, I would really like to know how this process is supposed to work.


why is there no support for calling API’s, particularly those that you need to post and then use the the response data. The documetnation is completely devoid in this area.

Hey @lindquisterik1 ,

Even though your issue may be solved, I am posting here resources to solve this use-case via this plugin:

No worries - whatever makes life easier for the community!

Sorry for not being able to help, but I saw that you were able to perform the API call, in my app it’s giving an error when trying to initialize