Use POST method of API Connector in the list

I have an API request which goes through POST method, not GET, and it returns a JSON array of data I should show in my repeated list.

I have gone through the documentation and tutorial video, and everything is explained by using GET method. Is it even possible to load this data by using POST method in the repeated list (ie. everytime the page loads, the repeated list would make a call to POST API endpoint and fill the results)?

If not, I would create a button which be an action to make this POST request, but I am not able to make this work through the workflow editor. I select “API” as a first action, and then the second action “Use the results of step 1”. But what then, how to set it up, what to do with results, how to show them in the list?

It doesn’t change anything if the request is POST or GET. Just create your POST in API connector as DATA not action and you will be able to select it in Data source for RG