Show data on RG from API - POST type call

Fellow bubblers,

I have an issue. I have just made an integration with and i have found out that for queries aito only support the POST method.

When i want to show the data in the repeating group onlt the GET API calls are shown as options in the data source ( i have implemented 4 calls).

Is there anyway to have a POST API call as an input for a data source for a RG?

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day!

Hi any advice some screens below:

Currently no idea how to print those results into the app

Which issue do you have? You should be able to display data from API Connector when the data the “use as” field is set to “data”
That seem to be the case in your screenshot.
In Data type, you need to select the Api Data type (probably something around Test query data’s hits)
And in Data source use get data from API and set also Test query data’s hits. This will be a list

Thank you for your response @Jici

The issue is that the repeating group data type is not listing this specific API call, it shows the other 2 i have which conveniently are GET calls. This one that i am testing is a POST call:

I think i need to some how convert this POST call into a GET one.

If call is initialized and set as data, you should probably send support ticket because this was not a problem before to use POST. I think someone yesterday also get issue with getting new call showings

Yes, the call is initialized and set as data.

Thank you will do that!

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