Google Webmaster tools doesn't index my pages

I made a website with 100+ pages. They are accesed when pressed some buttons in a main page.
I ticked every wanted page under sitemap. However when I analyse them via Google’s Webmaster tools this is what I get:
URL is not on Google

This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. See the details below to learn why it wasn’t indexed. Learn more
When clicking the link, it takes me to the section “URL is not on Google” and basically says that I might have done something to prevent Google from indexing it.

It goes without saying that I’m a SEO newbie, so any help would be appreciated.

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Two thoughts:

  1. Are there any links to your site from other sites? Or, have you submitted your site to Google? If not, there’s a chance Google simply has discovered your site exists yet.
  2. Are you using links between the different pages? Using actions that navigate to another page don’t seem to be picked up by Google in the same way that links do. When we changed to links, deeper pages on our site started getting picked up.

I’m sure other’s will have added thoughts. We’re also getting a group of people together in a couple weeks to share SEO Best Practices on Bubble, so perhaps you’d want to join us?


@ssmusic3: As sridharan said, It takes Google a while before it starts picking up new links and it depends on many factors including internal and external links. Also, make sure you have not blocked the google bots from reading your page content in the robots.txt file.

Hi @sridharan.s, I’d love to join your meetaway, but it would be 4.00am local time for me. By any chance, I could access the recording later? I haven’t signed up yet, but if I could get access to it later, I’ll definitely sign up.

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Thanks for both your answers. My main page is indexed by Google, but the problem definitely is that I’m using actions to navigate to different pages, because the few pages that are actually linked (about us, etc.) did get crawled. This is because by design I’m using buttons which perform actions while navigating to a new page. Is there no workaround to this aside from linking?

@paritosh.mehta19, we’re not having a speaker for this event. Instead, we’re simply getting a group of Bubblers together so we can meet and help one another with SEO related topics. As such, there won’t be a recording for me to share.

Google will find the pages that get linked to and the pages those pages link to, etc. So, as long as there are links (from your site or other sites), Google will find the pages.

That being said, Google also weighs the importance of each page on your site based on how many links point to it (along with the weight of the page pointing to it). So, it’s usually a best practice to include links throughout your site to other pages on your site. This is especially true for your homepage since that’s where many external sites will link.

Any chance you can use links that take the user to a new page and simply add a URL parameter on the 2nd page that will trigger a workflow (that you are today running on the original page)? This would be one workaround. If you go this route, you’ll also want to be sure you set up the canonicalization correctly.

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@sridharan.s No worries. It would be useful to the community if you could maybe share your discussions in some way. I understand that there is a lot of information in bits and pieces in the forum, but Bubble specific Do’s and Don’ts from SEO perspective could definitely be useful. I’ll be happy to add from my experience to that too.

Thank you very much. I’ll definitely look into it as soon as I can. For now, what I did is a general page where every link is located, which in turn is also linked to the index page, then I added this page to the sitemap. I hope that works!

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Did it work?