Website built with Bubble not being indexed by Google Search Engine

Hi there,

I’m currently developing a website using Bubble, but I’m running into an issue where the site is not being indexed by Google’s search engine. To resolve this, I have already checked the following points, but the issue persists:

  • Submitted the sitemap
  • Checked robots.txt (verified that there are no blocking settings)
  • Checked for errors in Google Search Console
  • Verified meta tag settings on web pages
  • Configured internal links

As a developer, I am in the middle of this app development, and my client is eagerly waiting for the project to make progress. Therefore, I am keen to resolve this indexing issue as soon as possible.

If anyone has experienced a similar issue or knows of a solution, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Taiyo Kimura

Hey @4869nanataitai,

Sometimes it just takes time for the search engines to crawl your website.


As was already said, it can take a while.

You can use the URL Inspection Tool in the Search Console and manually add pages.

Something else you might also want to look at is your privacy rules. They can block the crawlers from indexing your page.

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To give you a time frame expectation I’ve seen websites do partial index’s in a few days/weeks but on larger sites with thousands of pages in the search console I’ve seen it take a couple months.

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Thank you for your advice, it was very helpful. I have an additional question. The current number of pages is about 15. In this case, will the indexing by Google’s search engine be completed in about a week?

I would appreciate any further advice you can provide.

Best regards,
Taiyo Kimura

have you checked the page is indexable via Google Search Console?

Just because the page is indexable and crawled, does not mean Google is going to index it.

Yes, I’ve checked. We’ve confirmed that the page is indexable via that channel. Do you have any other suggestions or solutions?

Expect that, if after requesting indexing, and you can verify via the Google Console that the page was crawled but not indexed, there is reason Google decided not to index it.

Ah, so does that imply there might be some issue with the site causing Google to hold off on indexing it?

Not at all, it just means google might not find the content of high enough quality to bother indexing it. If they can crawl it and if they can index it, that means there is nothing wrong with the site, and if they can crawl it and they can index it, but choose not to index it, it means it is something wrong with the content quality from Google perspective.