Google not indexing/following links?

My new bubble site in development can be found at
Primary (default bubble) sitemap:
Second sitemap for dynamic pages:

The sitemaps have been added to search console for a week now.

Google seems to be crawling multiple pages without any errors, but looking at - Google Search shows that so far it’s only indexing the standard sitemap and none of the dynamic pages. Even indexing requests of individual URLs don’t seem to work (Search console says it’s complete without errors, but none are indexed).

So one the one hand: no errors whatsoever in Google Search Console, on the other hand none of my detail pages are getting indexed.

Anyone have any experience with this? Any idea what the problem here may be and how to get Google to start indexing all pages?


How long has it been since you have submitted your site? I don’t have any secondary sitemap for the dynamic content but I do have those pages indexed and also ranked in some cases. Google takes its time to index new sites. Maybe give it a few days.

Also, I am not sure if the format or syntax for the second sitemap is correct. I have not done it, so not sure. Might be worthwhile to double check that - but otherwise just give it some time.

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Thx for the response @paritosh.mehta19!

It’s been a week, usually that is enough time to get Google to at least index some of it in my experience…

According to a text file with one URL per line should be ok, the sitemap checker in Search Console also marked the sitemap as OK so I would expect that to be fine.

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