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Got a YC interview! 😱 Any tips for us?

Just got invited to a YC interview for our Bubble-built app! :rocket:

Very surprised to get an invitation when we only started building the app 1 week before the application deadline. :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:

Couldn’t have built anything this fast without Bubble.

This is our first YC interview.

The interview is in a week. Any tips for us? Would appreciate any help from fellow bubblers!

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Congrats, I’m excited for you. I had coffee with someone last week that got funded via YC about a year ago. He said what a fantastic experience it was.

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Thank you @wrightj2 ! This is awesome. Did they also build their product on Bubble?

No, it was built with code, the two founders are developers. It’s a payroll management tool
I doubt YC will particularly care how it’s built. He was telling me a story of one company in his cohort that got funded and their service was a one page static website with an email sign-up box, everything else was done manually in the background.

The guy I was speaking to offers practice YC interviews no idea if he charges or not but sounds like it’s worth reaching out.

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Thanks for sharing this! Just followed Naz on Twitter. Great to know it is not about how the product is built.

Very cool product. I would have subscribed when I had to do payrolls (now I subscribe for their help). It was super manual process and a lot of paperwork.

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Congratulations – very cool.

I don’t have any specific advice, but do recall reading about a prior app built on Bubble that got in: A Bubble-built startup got into YCombinator :tada: - Showcase - Bubble Forum

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Hi there, @edtyli9… years ago, a co-founder and I got accepted into a local incubator, and while it certainly wasn’t on the same level as YC, a question they asked has stuck with me to this day.

During the interview, one of the members of the panel said something along the lines of, “You can talk to us all day long about your idea, the progress you’ve made, the market you think your idea serves, how big that market is, and how you are going to take that market by storm,”, and then they said/asked," but tell me how you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that anyone other than you and perhaps your immediate family, friends, and/or colleagues is going to actually use your product and, more importantly, pay to use your product."

Fortunately, we had a good answer to that question, but like I said, that one has stuck with me through the years because if we had um’d and ah’d our way through a poorly thought-out answer, I’m quite certain we wouldn’t have been accepted into the program.

Anyway, maybe just something to think about there. Congrats on your interview… best of luck!


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@mikeloc Thank you so much for this! This is awesome advice.

I spent the first 2 years of my startup journey working on an e-commerce idea that people wouldn’t pay for. I had to beg users to try our solution because I wasn’t solving a hair-on-fire problem for them.

I still make the same mistake for some of my products. Fortunately, Open Project doesn’t seem to be one of them because users are making money using the platform. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, @ed727 . Sixty has been a big inspiration.