Interview with startups who used Bubble

Hey everyone!

I would like to organize a short interview series with startups who have built their apps in Bubble or other no-code solutions in order to share and extend this knowledge with the community.

I believe that it will be helpful for new startups, founders and developers to see more of these real use cases and understand how others have solved similar problems by using these no-code solutions.

The main topics, which I would like to cover during the interview:

  • Real use-case of your startup and which tools you used
  • Why have you chose these solutions and what other solutions were you considering?
  • If you switched to general development after a while (or considering doing so now), then why and how was/is that process?
  • What troubles and limitations did you face? How did you solve them?
  • Whether you had any difficulty raising capital because of no-code solutions (if applicable)
  • Other relevant questions in terms of specific business

If you are interested and would like to share your experience it would be nice to meet up in San Francisco till 20th of March or do it by zoom.

Also, if you have any cool ideas and/or suggestions on how to improve this initiative or you want to join, please let me know, it would be amazing!


I would like to see this

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Sure, everything will be shared! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I started a Facebook group for Bubble. It’s very small, but if you’d like to join and share your video, I’ll be happy to watch it :slight_smile:

Hi @radzievskaya.anna Have these interviews been released yet? Sounds like a great idea and would definitely appreciate learning from past successes.