Got Error when uploading CSV to data base

Hi Bubblers;
I was Trying to upload a csv file to my data base and I got this error :
There was an error analyzing you data:We found 0 entries with the value Devlopment in the table of Category.please Check:this is the entry number 0
Please any help regarding this !

It looks like you’re trying to use a relational field as part of the upload or a matching text field. Though if you can share a bit more context, that would help.

This could be because you have a typo in the data entered or that you are trying to reference the unique ID of a thing that does not exist.

If you can share a few screenshots of the data structure and a sample of the CSV that you’re trying to upload, that would help in pinpointing an issue.

I create an Excel Sheet with some data and converted it csv file .

Can you please provide a bit more context? (Ie. what the setup looks like for your data type that you’re trying to upload. And a screenshot of how you’re setting up the Upload CSV for this data).

This may not be the issue, but worth looking closer. I believe you mean “Development” But it looks like you wrote “Devlopement”


These are the steps that I went through.

Yes, it looks like you’ve properly set up your CSV file. To be more specific, what I would like to see are screenshots of your Bubble application.

I had this problem. The solution for me was to look back at my data. I found that one of the fields of the THING (Data Type) that I was uploading a list for was itself a list of of a THING (a different data type).

I have a list of CANDIDATES (Things) and a list of QUOTES (Things).
Every Quote has a Candidate.
I tried to upload a list of Quotes with Candidates as a Field.
The Error was because some of the Candidates were not yet in the system - I could not add them as a Thing at the same time I was attempting to add them as a field of another Thing.
Bubble could not evaluate the data against data that didn’t exist yet.
First I had to upload the Candidate Things, then I was able to upload the Quote Things with those Candidates as a Field.