GPT answer with markdown, how to display bold?

Hi guys,

I’ve a GPT Vision text that translate an image to a descriptive text, but I’ve some : something sometimes, because he want to display some things in bold.

How can I take this markdown into account to display bold text when it requires too?

Btw, I’m using OpenAI API to do so.

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As i guessed you want your ChatGPT response to contain some bold text, just make your prompt to ask ChatGPT to wrap those text in [b] [\b] .

Or if i am missing somethign ??

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Yes that was want I wanted to do, but instead of asking GPT to insert those text in [b] [\b], I would have to know if there’s any way to get just the bold text given by GPT between stars, without giving the instruction to do it by : [b] [\b].

But your point is nice!

Okey, if you wrap the text in [b] [\b], it becomes bold, this is called BBCODE, do a google to get it better.

but to do it manually it will cost you WorkUnite, if possible I will ask GPT to do it.