Gpt3 and recursive workflow

Just putting this out there for discussion.
I am building an app with GPT3 Api that creates content. I have managed to create a recursive work flow to loop a gpt call through a top level list and create a subsequent secondary list of things. The issue I cant resolve right now is that the recursive workflow seems to time out somewhere before the end of the list and my logs indicate Workflow error - Could not connect to remote server. At this moment I am aware of GPT load issues so I am monitoring to see if this is the issue . The aim of the recursive workflow is to create all secondary lists with one click. I have rolled back to creating secondary lists on individual click and that works fine. At this stage im just looking for some insight from the forum TIA

I’m experiencing the same thing; did you find a solution?

Seems to be an issue in Dev. Live seems to be more stable. Having said that I am still playing around with ways to refire recursive api call only when conditions are met to give things time to ‘breathe’