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Graphics not reflecting in live mode

Have you ever experienced graphics not being transferred to live mode?

Everything fully works in test mode. When I switch to live, the graphics doesn’t load.

In this particular case, I’m using a gif as a background image for a simple landing page. Wondering if it has anything to do with Bubble not saving progress, acting slow etc.

I’m confused.

Have you had a look in the dev tools of the browser to see if there are 404’s or timeout messages.

Well, yes, but can’t see anything out of “my” ordinary. :confused:

Bubble has been complaining about DNS’s being wrong, but it works fine and they are updated correctly. I doubt that has anything to do with it. Uncertain as to why it gives the message though. Perhaps @emmanuel knows that better. (fyi the DNS zone is with Cloudflare and the (A) records are defined there)

You mind taking a quick look? It’s hosted on

I don’t see any background graphics, and certainly no issues in the dev tools;

yeah exactly. I looked at the sameas you. I’ve never experienced that live version is different from the dev version, hence my confusion.

I checked what’s loaded and it seems it doesn’t find any gifs to load in the live version. Hmm, how come that works fine in dev mode, and not in live? What could the gap be there?

Probably just a stupid suggestion, but you have pushed the dev. version with graphics to live? :slight_smile:

Yes. :slight_smile:

I was just writing “it’s probably something small and silly”, and then it hit me. The dev DB and live DB are not the same. It should be in this case. I had forgotten to populate the live DB (copy DB from dev to live), so now it works better!

Thanks guys for making me think a bit. Often, someone else’s questions is the only thing needed.

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