Different behaviour between Development and Live mode of the app


I discovered that one function of my Bubble-app works in Development mode but not in Live mode. The database is consistent between the two environments. And I have obviously deployed to live. Has anyone had such an experience. I have no idea where and how to look for the problem.

Any hints much appreciated.

Many thanks for your time.

What’s the function?

The extraction of user-generated content onto a separate page. Upon clicking a button, a new browser tab opens. In Dev mode the content is visible, in Live mode the page is blank.

Is it privacy rules? Are you logged in as an admin on dev mode and normal user / not logged in on live mode which means you can’t see the Thing?

Dear georgecollier,

Thank you for your thoughts!
In Dev mode, it even works when I’m logged out of Bubble.io.
I access the app via “domain/version-test/”. So, I’m not logged in as an admin.

Have you tried ?debug_mode=true to work out what’s going on? It’s hard to help without more information.

I found the culprit. It was something else, but made it look like the problem I described above. In the end, I found out that a “Search for …” was missing a constraint.

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