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Group border not visible, causes confusion

I’m just getting started with Bubble. I’m familiar with the learning curve for new tools. This seems less like part of the learning curve and more like an unexpected failure in the UI.

In the default header it’s got a “log in” and “sign up” button group. I figured it made sense for that to change to “log out” when the user is logged in (why continue to have a “log in” button with no indication the log in was successful?). So I copied the button group and changed the names. Then I dragged the new group on top of the old group so both buttons would be in the same place.

Then I spent an excessive amount of time trying to figure out why that simple change didn’t produce simple results.

It turns out dragging an element “into” a group automatically adds it to that group, or something. It’s not documented. The problem is that the way Bubble provides visual feedback is to change the group’s border color. In this case I can’t see the border color changing, so I’ve got no indication that anything special is happening.

If the UI is going to do things automatically it shouldn’t be able to do them invisibly. Maybe if the entire group changed color, or if the border got a lot thicker too, or if there was simply a feedback message somewhere (such as “group A” added to “group B”). The red border works in most cases, but not this one

I use a lot this view ‘Select Parent’ to be sure things are where I want (as you probably knew).

I did eventually find that and try it but it didn’t change the button group’s parent. I didn’t see any effect after selecting from that list.