Problems with Group Conditional - Not showing it

I am new to Bubble, and I am following the walkthrough “Build Your First App [1/20]” on youtube (

I am building the header, with the log in/sign up function, and I simply cant get the conditional visibility to work, at all! I am following the videos tutorials as minutely as possible. I have gone over it several times. And I have been through a dozen threads in the forum, not luck. So please let me know what I am doing wrong!

In my header, I have 2 groups:

  1. Group Logged Out
  2. Group Logged In

In group 1 I have the sign up and log in buttons. I have set the condition to be: Current User isn’t logged in, Visible checked
In group 2 I have the “post a recipe” button and “profile picture” of the current user buttons. I have set the condition to be: Current User is logged in, Visible checked
*None of them have the “This element is visible on page load” checked.

However, the result is not what I expected. When I click preview, I only see group 2. As if I was already logged in. And when I try to inspect, it am only told that the other group is invisible.

Note that the profile picture is empty, hence it is not visible, but when I inspect i can see it.
I can see in the debugger that the Log In and Sign Up buttons from group 1 is invisible. And I dont understand why.

Also, when I tick the ON/OFF in the condition, to see if it is working, nothing happens.

If I swap the conditions on the 2 groups (from isn’t to is, and vice versa) I see the right group to begin with, BUT, when I log in, or sign up, the group does not disappear, or show the other group, as it should…

It seems like I am logged in, when I am preview. and therefore only see the items which are visible when I am supposed to be logged in. But I dont know.

Any help? Please and thank you.

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