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Group elements into a group

I’m not an english native speaker, but shouldn’t “group elements into a group” be just “group elements”?

I remember in my young days using CorelDraw it had the contextual menu commands: Group/Ungroup, and it were pretty understandable, even using one word (it would be good to have the ungroup command too - Delete group, keep elements?).

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Yes we’re being a little heavy on the language, with the goal of clearly saying that it’s going to create a new element that will contain the others. (which is why ungrouping isn’t trivial btw).

Yes, I think you do need to differentiate between “Grouping” (in a Visio sort of a way) and placing all these elements into a created Group. So much more that moving them all around !

Maybe capitalise into “Group elements in a Group” ?

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Good idea, I’ll do that.

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I’m trying to use “Group elements in a Group” as part of my drive to Responsive, but I am having problems making it work. I can select a lot of elements (some of which are already in groups) but the menu button remains greyed out.

What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a video:

Did you found out?