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Group email, don't show all addresses

I would like to setup a workflow that emails all my users a message. However, when the user receives the email, it shows all of the other users listed in the message recipients.

Is it possible to hide the list of email addresses? Or, send each email individually without using services outside of Bubble?

Do you have a screenshot of how you’ve configured this workflow? It’s hard to tell what you’re doing…

When a button is clicked > send email > To: all users

I’m wondering if adding joinwith “,” like in this thread will fix that issue?

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How about Bcc? Send an email to yourself (preferably an ‘admin’ email or ‘support’) and BCC your user list.


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I use the strategy of sending and email in the BCC (so everyone receives the email without seeing who else got it). And using the :joinwith strategy works for a list of emails. If you want every email to send individualized (Hi, First Name), then you will need to use Bubble’s API workflow

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