Group Expand Jittery / Glitchy

I’m in the process of creating a logged-out header with an expandable element. Whenever the user hovers over a specific button in the header, a sub-menu expands below it to show multiple additional options. When they no longer hover the button or sub-menu, the sub-menu collapses. I’ve noticed that the collapse animation is smooth, but the expand operation looks very jittery / glitchy.

Video: LINK

Has anyone else experienced this and figured out a way to get rid of it? Feels a bit broken as-is. Thanks!

I’m not sure how you implemented this but I’m guessing this is similar to something I was experiencing

I submitted this as a bug report and they responded saying that they couldn’t replicate on their end. I didn’t look into it further but assumed it had to do with something on my end.

Have you tried different browsers and different devices?

Yea, this looks very similar. I’m seeing it on any element I use the “Animate collapse operation” option on. I’m using a Mac on Chrome v114.0.5735.133. I just tested on Safari and see the same issue.

I only had the issue on MS Edge. I would try other devices too. If its across multiple devices and browsers then I would submit a bug report.

But before you do that, have you tried handling it through the “animate the collapse” tickbox and set stats to show/hide the group?

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