Group Focus Bug on Mobile?

Hi All,

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this?

I have a Group Focus that shows/hides when a user clicks a button. It’s the same button to show and hide depending on whether it’s already visible or not.

It works great on my laptop but it’s always been buggy on mobile - I’ve been using Bubble since May 2021 and just presumed it would get ironed out but it still hasn’t.

I’ve used both “Toggle” and “Show / Hide” but both have the same outcome.

Basically the bug is, that on mobile, the Group Focus will show but I cannot hide it again using the same button. I can click elsewhere on the page and it will disappear and I might be being picky but I want the button to hide it.

Anyone else found this?

Note: I also already tried to use custom states but you can’t set visibility of a Group Focus via a state.

Thanks in advance for any help!