Group Focus bug when scrolling - Floating header

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a problem with the GroupFocus element behavior in the new responsive engine.

I’m trying to have a Floating group as a header menu, with a Group Focus tied to one of its elements (for instance a button or profile picture), which you can see on pretty much any marketplace.

When scrolling up and down though, the group focus is glitching a lot. For explanatory purpose, I’ll demo this with a free EZ Code template below. The "not part of the video is the template taken “out of the box” and it’s working fine. The second example is the exact same page just upgraded with Bubble’s new responsive engine (don’t pay attention to the left and right margins, I didn’t take time to adjust them):

Also, just to be clear, I’ve tested this on several apps and the behavior is always the same.

Has anyone experienced this before and/or knows how to fix this?



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