[SOLVED] What happened to Group Focus element?

I just went to create a new version of a menu using a Group Focus, and cannot move it around.
Double clicking it it asked for a Reference element. I didn’t remember this behavior, so I checked out a old one and boom - there’s a message saying it’s deprecated.

Well, the issue is I can’t make this new GroupFocus be visible, or collapse, animate etc…what happened?

Yes we had to phase out the old element because of responsive. The new one is fairly close though, you pick an element and it gets positioned there.

But where’s visibility options?

Where are the collapse and animations options?

If you try it in run mode you’ll see it’s not part of the page as it used to be, but it’s instead floating on the top of it, like a popup. So collapsing height doesn’t make sense.

Re visibility, users usually show it through a workflow action. Isn’t it what you want to do?

Thanks. Using a WF action will work, I can even animate it from there.

I got confused as I’m using custom states now to set some groups visibility, and for this case it won’t be needed.

Right, the concept of ‘focus’ is really after a click or something.

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May I show off a little?
That’s the final New menu:

Very satisfied with UI but the icon “+” highlight when it’s hovered.


Is this sort of drop down and hide group possible with the Group Focus element?

What in the link provided are you talking about?

Sorry should have been more specific, when you select one of those FAQ’s a nice drop down appears and then closes when you click elsewhere.

The way the Group Focus element seems to work is that it does not push the content below it away, or collapse the group. Just overlabs the group with other elements already on the page.

Yeah, I don’t think the group focus will work for that use case.

You could possibly use custom states. Have the content show when custom state = X. That should be fairly easy. I think the more difficult thing to figure out is the “when you click somewhere else” to collapse. You could possibly do it on the page. When click on page set custom state = Y.

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So how if i want collapse this group focus when hidden? because i need to set like that for my sidebar menu