Group Focus On Click?

Hey guys, I want to have group focus appear when someone left clicks their mouse. So it shows up at the mouse location.

Is this possible in bubble?

You could use the workflow “When an element is clicked” and apply it to a group that covers the area that you want that action to be available for. Then the action would be to show the GroupFocus. You could have it show at the scroll location, which would solve the vertical challenge but it’s not going to be super precise and of course horiztonally you’d probably just have to pick a spot (i.e. middle of the page)

Another option - so I’m not sure about left click, as I looked at this ages ago for a project. But this enables a context menu on right click? Might be worth looking at if that gets close to solving your problem. This will act exactly as you like, but it’s triggered on right click instead of left.

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Thanks! I’ll have to content myself with a popup for now. I want the user to be able to left click and leave a comment on an image.

I’m using an image annotation plugin but it wants you to use a popup to capture the comment.

Thanks again!

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Hey @ian11

You can use this plugin for your problem. I think It’ll solve it.

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