Group focus that moves with cursor?

Hey guys - have been trying to achieve something but can’t quite get it to work. Hoping someone can help out…

I have attached a screenshot of the best example I can find of what I’m trying to achieve - it’s from GitHub, and is a grid view of small squares each representing a date and colour coded based on some activity measure on that day (filled colour for an ‘active’ day, say).

Layout in bubble is relatively straightforward - the issue I have is with the popup that appears above whichever small square you hover over with the mouse cursor. On hovering, a small popup appears with a bit more info on the day in question.

Problem - making the popup move around dependent on where you hover the cursor. I feel like it should involve some kind of ‘Group Focus’ but haven’t been able to crack it.

Really hoping someone can help, any pointers or ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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