Group focus on mobile not working


How do you get the group focus to work when you access it on mobile?

What problem do you have with Group Focus on mobile? Do they blink when you want to close them?

Take a look at this post:

There’s a minor bug in some browsers, it happens to me on chrome for mobile. From the link above:

At this point we still recommend against using this action, under these circumstances, since it will looking glitchy at the moment in some browsers - Group Focus elements will blink for a fraction of a second, then open again, instead of closing, when you toggle them closed.

They recommend to use Show and Hide instead of Toggle with Group Focus.

I use show and hide but still when showing on mobile, since it shows outside the border, I don’t see the group.

Have a similar problem. Group focus just moves as it wishes to on my screen.

Group Focus seems like it was never designed for responsiveness, either. On tablet/mobile, if the element that triggers the Group Focus is anywhere near the right side of the page, the Group Focus is off-screen.