Group focus responsivenes

Hey Guys,

I think it’s a very easy question. How do I make my Focus Group stretch on wider screens applying a max-width?



I am struggling to have GroupFocus elements be responsive too. I just send in a bug since I noticed a few other forum posts about this. Please submit a bug about this. I’m sure bubble will fix it if enough of us send in the bug issue.


GroupFocus element can not have the width or height as responsive…on the element in the dialogue there are no settings for max or min or fixed width

You could try to use CSS

Hi, Can you please tell how to use CSS for making group focus responsive. I am not a coder.

Checkout the Classify Plugin. On that forum showcase for the plugin there are a lot of details of how to use CSS in your application. After reading through that forum post I was able to as a non-coder put some CSS into action.

Struggling with this same issue. Anyone in this thread made any progress with this? Or is CSS manipulation the only workaround to make a Group Focus element responsive? Thanks!