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Floating Group that Follows Cursor

Is there any way to create a floating group that follows the user’s cursor or goes to its location on an action?

Image of what I’m looking for:

I guess the ‘hack’ here would be to just states as a way to trigger the floating group. So basically if hovered…won’t follow the mouse, but will show…

I’ve gotten that far, but I’m really looking for the follow effect, or to at least have it display where the cursor is.

I have 50 groups I need to do this for, so showing 50 groups on would be very time consuming to setup.

Here use the canvas map and displayed as an iframe.
So you can integrate your third-party map
or use some JS ( like event listener) to make your element follow the mouse.

Else use this plugin:

and trigger your element by X,Y mouse position

Did you ever find a good solution for this?

No, I couldn’t.

I ended up just changing the design style, but it would be nice to figure something out.

If I’m not wrong there’s a Bubble plugin for mouse and keyboard inputs which includes actions you are looking for.

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I played with something that took the cursor position a few months back, but I think the issue was appending the group to the cursor so it would follow on hover. I’ll look back into it when I get a chance and see if I can work something out.

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Ever work this out?

Would you happen to have a link you’d be willing to share?

Nope. Never got it.

I would love to find a solution still, though.

Sure thing. It’s a Bubble pugin so there’s no plugin page: