Group heights not matching?

This is something which is effecting many pages on my site and I can’t figure out a solution. Cells are equal heights but on preview we see the right group is always shorter?

See how I have it designed:

But on preview I see this space:

I don’t think a floating group for the left nav would work because I need it to sit within the centre white container on the page (rather than run from very top to bottom of page).

This is not too bad on fixed height pages, but where I have a repeating group which expands as more content fills it, the space grow bigger. I need to somehow “stick” the left grey nav to the bottom!

do you have a repeating group thats only half filled or a hidden group with collapsed height somewhere?

Not on the first 2 images, but I do on the 3rd image. As the user creates more ‘Groups’, their page stretches and the white space below the left nav get’s bigger and looks ugly!

this is hard to teach as it is more art than science but often having groups around groups can stop their height changing or you can add groups to the sidebar to add spacing.

you can also make the sidebar group have a higher height but have in it groups that collapse when hidden and a certain condition is true (eg repeating group only has 1 element )

That’s interesting, I’ll try something along those lines. Thanks!

I found a very simple fix for this. I simply made the whole main container grey (same colour as side nav). Then, I put all the page elements inside a white container, so as that white container stretches, so too does the parent grey container. Simples!