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Group is caching data between 2 different user login sessions

Group is caching data between 2 different user login sessions.

Step-by-step instructions:
2 Users signed up. [email protected] (password test1) and [email protected] (password test2)

First ([email protected]) user logged in and added his favorite fruit.
List of fruits displayed in repeated group.
fruit is clicked on repeated group which displays data in another group.

Now second ([email protected]) user logs in and he sees the same selected data in that another group. (Data is cached by the group)


I just tested your app with a new user and don’t see this behavior. Try again with different users, but it may be a legacy situation as you were building your app.

It’s still happening. Try this:

Login as [email protected] and then click apple. Apple will appear in the group on the right.
Then logout
Login as [email protected] and you will still see apple in the group on the right.

What I’m saying is try with fresh users.

This is not my original app. I was experiencing this behavior in my app so I created this new app and I was able to reproduce.

Ok I just created test4 and test5
Logged in as test4 and selected strawberry.
logged out
logged in as test5 and I see strawberry.

It is reproducible all the time :frowning:

I tried on the same browser session: login as test1, add cherry, logout, login as test2. cherry is still in the Input control as it wasn’t cleared, but isn’t in the repeating group.

Is this what you see?

Logging in and out does not have to refresh the page, and is independent of the values of input controls. This is handy for some situations, but in a lot of cases extra steps need to be taken to clear inputs (I usually do this on “Add”) or to redirect to another page.

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