Repeating group not showing session data

My app link is
It have a repeating group which should show user saved data. But when the user logout and again log in the previous data saved is not visible in the repeating group.
the data is still saved in database.
i dont know what is wrong. please help.

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What’s your data source for the RG?

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@SerPounce My data source is the exepresion "Search for ‘personal data’'s ‘feild name’ with a constrain or whatever it is = ‘Created by = Current User’.

I just went through the process and it seemed to work fine.
I used [email protected]
Pword test

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@SerPounce it saved perfectly fine when you save data till you logout and again login. When you login again previous data is not shown in repeating group

Do your privacy settings allow this user type to view the data after it has been saved to the database?


@josh10 it allows that user who created this data

I was able to login, log out and the data did seem to save.

It might be best if you share screen shots, or even better, read access to your editor.

@SerPounce How to give access.

@josh10 when you save data it will save, no problem till here. When you logout and login again then the data you saved in previous login will not be seen.

Go into your app settings, general tab and change Application Rights to “everyone can view”. Then paste the link to the editor here.

This is a bit of mystery. I am not sure if this is the cause, but why are searching for the account’s text in the RG as opposed to searching for accounts? Then within the button just display this cell’s account text. See if that helps.

@SerPounce I changed as you said but the problem continues. Can you please check if i changed accordingly because i did not prfectly got what you were saying

phew! this is so weird. Now my newly created user and accounts aren’t saving even.

Try changing your privacy rule where it says “this account’s creator is logged in” to “this account’s creator is current user”. I don’t think that’s the answer, but i’ve never seen this behavior from Bubble.

@SerPounce there is no option which says this account creator is current user.
Truely ths behaviour is kind of unique from bubble. The makers must look into it.
well i have another bubble account should i make the same app there

Sure there is. Select “is” first then the “current user” option will appear.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.44.57 PM

@SerPounce Thank you for all your support. Surprisingly the last advise you gave was the solution to this weird problem.

Thank you

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Phew! So glad it worked out. That was a brain teaser for sure.

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