Repeating group caches the data from a previous page (cell) before showing the pulled data!


I have a repeating group with 3 pages (cells), inside each page (cell) I have a repeating group with a number of items and inside these cells I have horizontal repeating group with 5 items.

Repeating group vertical (3 cells, 1 per page)
  Repeating group vertical (any number of cells)
    Repeating group horizontal (5 Cells)

When I select to go tot he next page in the repeating group (using a button) prior to loading the correct data it shows the previous repeating groups cells data before displaying the correct data. It looks like it is caching the data??

It does this even If I add in a page in between which does not have the horizontal repeating group.

If you watch the short screen gif below.

  1. Page 1 it shows a repeating group cell, with 4 vertical cells, each cell containing a repeating group with 5 Horizontal cells.
  2. The next page contains a cell and a single repeating group cell.
  3. The final page shows a repeating group cell, with a repeating groups with 1 vertical cell containing 1 horizontal repeating group with 5 cells.

If you watch the final page you can see it first show page ones values before showing the correct data, I can not seem to stop it caching and suspect it maybe a bug??

Repeating group

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Now tested on Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Edge and on several PCs, Mac and IPs it is not on me. Has anyone else noticed something similar if located in a location not in the Server location - Located in Australia.

To add to this:

If you have a custom state set on the repeating group within the repeating group in the above configuration, when you move to another page it applies the previous cells / pages custom states on the elements custom state in the new page. It appears to be caching this data too.

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Update: For the first issue above.

May help understand what is going on here.

Reponse from Bubble

Our developers reviewed this and confirmed this is not a bug. It’s by design that the data is displayed in the buttons until it’s updated with new data from the ‘do a search’ and the RG is not redrawn during the process. However, this behavior definitely needs to be improved for use cases like yours. We’ll add it to our list for this year. No guarantees on the timeline but we’ll keep you posted.

the old option in the the same repeating group for less than a second because those options are pulled from ‘do a search’ rather than static values. So until the new data is loaded, you see the old data. Our changes in the future would likely be to make the old data invisible until the new data is loaded but this is something our developers are still exploring.

Update: In response to custom states being remembered.

The ratings button workflow doesn’t set state tied to the question. You need the state to reset when the question changes. Alternatively, add another custom state to track question number such that the button logic is show as green based on ratings number and question number.

Hope this helps.

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