Group not collapsing when using states

Hi Everyone,

So I’m making an app that I can eventually port to the appstores using Jasonelle. My page is setup in mobile format, and i’m using groups to show/hide content based on states. Now when I select for example “Account” from my menu, I set the state of two groups to “Show = no”.

Then on the groups I have configured them to be hidden when show = no.

Now the content of the two groups is hidden, but the group dimensions so to say are still there. Meaning that the group I want to show (account info) is still somewhere on the bottom of the page. Of course I’ve set it to “collapse when height is 0”. Also the groups are not overlapping …

What am I doing wrong?


Do you mean you’ve checked the « Collapse when hidden » checkbox in the group config? If not you should try that