Max height, scroll issue when collapsing groups

I’m having some real problems with collapsing groups in my app. I’ve cut pages down to three (jobs, company, crew) so I’m using a few main “views” (think group with lots of stuff inside) within each page. The problem I’m seeing is the page height is not changing when switching to a new group, despite each group set to collapse.

Currently I’m using states which are controlled via the Sudsy plugin (URL changes but stay on same page without reload). I’m sure that’s not the issue.

My groups are stacked and are NOT overlapping anywhere. Each view / group is collapsed when going to a new view but the height always seems to stay the same. I’ve also tried adding a “Spacer” group to the views, which are the same height as the tallest group/view - collapsing these when the view is visible - no banana.

I’m at a loss of what the problem can be.


When I get stuck on something like this, sometimes I will add a color to the elements so you can try to see what element is preventing the collapse.

Also have you done a search or the page to make sure all groups are collapsed?

Hope you can figure this out. :slight_smile:

That’s good that you have no overlapping groups and they are all stacked. :+1:

Want more help

Thanks for the input. I see that one of the views is not collapsing correctly but unsure why. All groups that collapse have at least a white background (i.e. not transparent).

If you take a look at the video here, you’ll see two views:

  • “list” which is a RG with users
  • “single” which is a group that displays a user when clicked

Both of those groups are trigged by a page state change, but even when “list” is triggered, “single” is not collapsing. The bubble debug suggests these groups are all streching together, but how can they if they are collapsed? Why would a hidden group, that is told to collpase, be affecting a non-hidden group?

Yeah, it seems that one group is not collapsing like it should possibly. Sometimes this is caused by a stray element on the page as well. Double check that there is not a hidden element somewhere on the screen that is interfering with the collapse.