Group of Buttons - Group capturing the name of only one button?

Hi there,

I’m working on creating a group of buttons, where only ONE can be selected within that group and hitting the submit button gathers the NAME of that selected button. I’ve tried a bunch of different angles but am stuck.

Here’s a sample of what I’m thinking without any button selected


Now a button has been picked
I would like only one to be “selectable” at once within the group. So if I pick Option B it would deselect Option A and highlight Option B


Hitting Submit
I would like to be able to capture the button selected within the group’s “title”, ie. “Option A” in this case and save to the database.

I would appreciate your help!

  1. Add a text custom state to the group called something like “ActiveButton”.
  2. Then put a conditional into each button that says when this group’s ActiveButton = [this button] make background color green.
  3. Then create workflows for when each button is clicked to set the appropriate value of [this button] to the group’s custom state.

Then create the appropriate worklfows from the submit button that says:
When this button is clicked and this group’s Activebutton is “Option A”…
When this button is clicked and this group’s Activebutton is “Option B”…
etc for each of the buttons


Works great, thank you!

I worry though, if all these workflows and conditionals add a lot of bloat to the app

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