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Group Repeating List By Day


I’d like to create a repeating group similar to where the repeating group is grouped by day with a caption at the beginning of each day showing the date.

Any examples of how to do this? Would be very much appreciated.

You can accomplish this with a nested repeating group. (You have an RG. Inside the cell of that RG you put another RG.) In this case, the data source for the outer RG would be a list of dates. The source for the inner RG would be those “projects” or “products” constrained or filtered by those that were posted or published on that particular date (“Current cell’s date”).

Someone else might be able to point you to an example of this – I don’t have one handy.

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@cfisher440 - you may find it helpful to skim this thread:

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Thank you. Your answer was great. The only thing I’ll add to that is in the outer (parent) repeating list I needed to groupby the date.

So outer RG is the Events table grouped by date with a text label for the data. Inner RG is also the Events table constrained to the current cells date.

This is great! Thank you very much.

That’s great! I’m going to definitely watch through this video.

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