Repeating Group inside of a Repeating group?

Hi there,

I am looking to have a repeating group that has today’s date, and then every previous day.

Inside the date group, I would have certain events that occurred for that date.

Does anyone know how to do this or have some guide for it? It seems extremely tricky…

Trying to base it off of this:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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There are a number of really great posts on repeating groups inside of repeating groups. A few for starters.

Specifically, for a date-based approach, you can make use of the [New Feature] Grouping and Aggregating Data feature and group items by date, then have a nested repeating group that corresponds to those results.


Hi Dan, thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, my situation is a little different since my first group is just pulling in dates… which I don’t understand how to do.

@Nocodify - if you’re looking to achieve this, I think it’s good to have a strong foundation of database structures and how to properly apply constraints on a search.

If your intent is to show every day (even those that have no activity), you can approach from a slightly different lens.

In your database, you can create single records for dates for the next so many years (going back a bit and forward a few years, depending on the use case). Then, you set up an initial repeating group to Do a search for dates records where the date value is within the past ~7 days.

Then, in your nested repeating group, you have a second search that looks for the corresponding events that happened during the given day.

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Thank you SO much! This really helps.

Do you happen to know to search for the corresponding dates (easy enough) but within the range of the whole day? It seems like when inputting the dates, I have to add a time, and the events aren’t happening on that specific Hour, minute, etc.

Thank you!!

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Sure, I have a few tutorials on LearnTo that speak to this concept.

Here’s a direct link to one of the relevant lessons: How do I filter events based on a given date (today, tomorrow, week) (Note: this lesson doesn’t give you an exact match for your approach, but conveys the general logic necessary.